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Today a Legend Died. Viva La Revolution, 2012

Daniel Faria Gallery

Today a Legend Died. Viva La Revolution constructs a two-part narrative that follows a down-and-out 1968 Mustang coupe – a monument of the hopes and dreams of the working class, as well as the development of a father and son’s relationship amidst a proletarian revolution. Based on a conflation of autobiographical, fictional and revolutionary moments, the plot begins with a statement made by Liddington’s father on the day Roy Orbison passed away: “Son, today a legend died.”

This new work will be presented in three acts. Each will be set within a large-scale installation where several performances throughout the course of the exhibition will take place. The first two acts present mirrored gestures from two opposing positions. Titled Today a Legend Died (for the workers) and Today a Legend Died (by the workers) respectively, they trace the delicate relationship between a man (Liddington) and his conflicted love for his car through an assemblage of dance, opera and electric guitar performances.

Act III: Today A Legend Died
Square within a square (post-revolution)
Graphite powder on paper, erased graphite
40" x 50"
Geometric Composition pre-2012 (revolution) / Geometric Composition post-2012 (revolution)
Graphite powder on paper / Graphite powder erased
38" x 50"