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Task: 3 men and 1 woman from Saskatoon, Canada, all of whom identify as actors, are asked to take on the role of four United Steelworkers union members. They are asked to work together to build an 8ft tall ionic order column out of a 1000 pounds of clay. In the end they decided, in what I could only imagine as a gesture of rebellion against myself as artist, to add their initials.

Damien Bartlett
Meghan Hemingway
Sean Hoey
Curtis Peeteetuce

Made for the exhibition "It wasn’t until we closed our eyes that we could finally see what was there all along" at AKA gallery (Saskatoon)

These are actors, acting as workers, who are certainly not artisans. They could only collectively realize the column, which they made. A column, under any other circumstance, would be different.